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About Panwood International Corp

Panwood International Corp since 1978. We are manufacrturer of wooden blind components and roller shade blind components.

From 1986 Panwood started supplying 2" High-Profile Venetian components used in 50mm x 58mm for wood blind, aluminum blind and PVC foam blind.

From 1993 Panwood started supplying components for vertical blind and 2" Low Profile ( 38mm x 58mm) headrail system for wood blind, aluminum blind and PVC foam blind.

From 2006 Panwood started supplying Roller Shade Blind components such as chain drive ( control box ), and metal pin end , plastic pin end, double brackets and center bracket for 38mm & 45mm aluminum headrail tube and aluminum bottomrail tube.

During the past 40 years we have been doing the reserch & development 50mm wooden blind components & Roller Shade blind components. So far we have owned the following products patent in Taiwan, USA and China.

Main Products Our main products include components for 2" High-Profile Venetian blind & 2" Low Profile Venetian blind , Roller Shade Blind components , 25mm venetian blind components and vertical components
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Product range:  blinds components
Year established:   1978
Business address:   No. 18, Aly. 9, Ln. 226, Sec. 1, Meishi Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact person:   Mr. Joseph Chiu
Phone:   +886-3-4819288
Fax:   +886-3-4824875
E-mail: pwi16888@ms26.hinet.net , joseph.chiu@panwood.com.tw
Homepage:  http://www.panwood.com.tw




Chain Drive ( Control Box ) for Roller Shade Blind

USA Patent pending
Taiwan Patent No.: M301271
China Patent No.: ZL 200620113494.5

Metal Pin End for Roller Shade Blind

Taiwan Patent No.: M298961
China Patent No.: ZL 200620113495.X

WJ-0618P 50 Plastic Tape Drum

Taiwan patent No.: #183948
USA Patent No.: 6,279,642 B1

WJ-0613P & WJ-0613PW 50 Plastic Tape Roll Support for string tape & wide tape.

Taiwan patent No.: 162623

WJ-0619ML Metal Valance Clip

Taiwan patent No.: #164580

Valance Hanger

Taiwan patent No.: M248373